Alumni Stories

Alumni Story: Bennie Niles '15

I am a 2015 graduate of Dartmouth College from Clearwater, Florida. While at Dartmouth, I majored in African & African American Studies and served as the President of the Afro-American Society. My senior year, I was awarded a Senior Fellowship to produce a thirty-minute documentary film on the complexity of black male identity. I also received the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, William Cook-Louise Cook Jacobs Award, and Dean's Plate Award. Now, I am a second-year PhD student in the Department of African American Studies at Northwestern University. My research centers on black athletes to examine how black bodies are racialized and gendered in popular culture. AAAS was, and continues to be, integral to my growth as an emergent scholar.

Alumni Story: Whitney P. Foster '64

I wrote my senior thesis on Nigeria: The Emerging Giant (or something like that). On graduation all I wanted to do was to go to Nigeria, and the Peace Corps became my vehicle for doing just that @ St. Michaels College in Oleh via Ughelli in what was then the Mid West State of Nigeria. For 2 years I was the history teacher, coach (soccer, bball, athletics etc.), and general gadfly breaking old Brit rules of education along with my PC roommate for about 300 mostly quite motivated but poorly "educated" male Nigerian primary school teachers. It was for me (son and grandson of a doctor) a life-changing experience which led to an MA in African Studies @ UCLA ('66-68); running a Fulbright program for 22 California curriculum developers in Ghana (summer '68); Assistant Peace Corps Director in Ghana (68-71); Deputy Peace Corps Director in Morocco (71-73); UNDP dealing with development issues, mainly education in North Africa  (moved to Tunisia '73-'76); UNDP NY as Desk Officer for Egypt and the Yemens ('76-79); Deputy Director, UNDP, in Juba, So.

Alumni Story: Murktarat Yussuff '12

After graduating from Dartmouth I went on a one-year fellowship study in London, England, studying the Nigerian design diaspora there and a year later worked as a programmer and educator at the Brooklyn Museum. While working at the Brooklyn Museum, my previous background in African and African American Art from courses I took at Dartmouth and professors I worked closely with was incredibly useful. Now I am currently in my second year of a PhD program in Communications, where I am studying African futurism and environmental sustainability whilst furthering myself as a designer.

Alumni Story: Antonio V. Brown '13

After graduating from Dartmouth with the class of 2013, I began working with the SEAD, stepping into their new College Pathway Coordinator role. As my first full-time position, it was a great opportunity to build the foundation for us to meet the students' needs around college access and success. Seven years of Hanover, however will make you restless. I decided to move back to my hometown of Harlem, NYC as a college and career advisor for KIPP NYC charter school network. After a year of working with KIPP, I was feeling dissatisfied with the cultural competency and social justice mindset of the organization so I began searching for something more particular.

Alumni Story: Olivia Scott '13

"I am a 2013 graduate of Dartmouth College and African and African-American Studies major originally from Charlotte, NC. At Dartmouth, I chaired the Black Underground Theater Association, was the 2013 Dodd Playwright Awardee, and the inaugural recipient of the William Cook-Louise Cook Jacobs Award. I am a producer, playwright, and actress and worked as an artist and administrator with Northern Stage Theater in White River Junction, VT before starting my Masters in International Education at UNC Chapel Hill. I will begin the Cultural Studies and Literacies PhD program at UNC Chapel Hill this fall. The support of AAAS faculty was crucial throughout my undergraduate work and I continued to work with AAAS faculty and staff to support projects at Northern Stage and during my graduate work."


Alumni Story: Andrea Glover '01

"Since graduating from Dartmouth with a degree in African and African-American Studies, I went on to receive a Master's in Teaching Social Studies and a Master's in Non-Profit Management. I teach A.P. United States History at a high school in South Florida, and also started a nonprofit organization called DanceCrush Kids, Inc. Because of my studies in AAAS, everything I do comes from a perspective of cultural sensitivity and understanding. I tend to teach U.S. History as if it were a black studies course, but my students don't mind--I'm pretty sure they love it actually, given that our school does not have such a class available. I'm very proud of the experience I had in AAAS and of obtaining this degree."

Alumni Story: Emma Routhier '12

"After graduating, I taught 3rd grade at an all-girls charter elementary school in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn for two years through Teach for America. My African and African American Studies major continues to serve me as I strive to think critically about the implicit values and explicit practices of our educational institutions. I am now applying to graduate programs in Clinical Psychology, through which I hope to learn how to best support all children and their families within and beyond the structure of schools. I'm so grateful for my grounding in African-American Studies as I continue to try to be the best human that I can be in this world!"

Alumni Story: Racquel Bernard '13

"After I graduated, my first position was as Assistant Director of Admissions at Dartmouth. I served as a liaison to the African American community and the Arts community. After being awarded the James B. Reynolds fellowship, I went back to Jamaica (where I was born) and completed my Masters in Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies. My major in African and African American studies as well as the new skills I had gained from Admissions truly prepared me for my tenure in the Institute of Caribbean Studies and Reggae Studies Unit. I completed their two-year program in one year and completed a research paper entitled "Sounds of Reggae Revolution: Revisiting Peter Tosh's Cultural Legacy." I also presented my first conference paper at the 2015 International Reggae Conference. I am now starting my PhD in American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. I am researching music and the circuits of black consciousness between the United States, various nations in Caribbean, and Brazil." (08/15)

Alumni Story: Mike Evans '00

"After graduating in 2000, I went to the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific through the Dartmouth Education program and taught English, math, and science to elementary schoolers there for a year. I returned to the Boston area and ran two parts of a youth development farming program called The Food Project, which brings teenagers from different backgrounds together to grow food for their community. In 2004, I moved to Austin, Texas and worked for Breakthrough (called Summerbridge elsewhere in the country), an academic after-school program of sorts that works with middle schoolers and high schoolers who will be first in their family to graduate from college. In 2006, I worked for one summer to start El Ranchito, a nature immersion summer camp for under-served kids. Then I helped to start and directed Austin Bat Cave, a writing and tutoring center that teaches creative and expository writing to kids from diverse backgrounds. Then in 2007/2008, I co-founded and co-directed Urban Roots, a youth development farming program in Austin (largely modeled after The Food Project), which annually donates 40% of the 25,000 lbs of food grown to hunger relief." (9/10)

Alumni Story: Amber Kelsie '07

"Since graduation in 2007, I've been working at a non-profit in New York City as the administrator of the New York Urban Debate League, a high school and middle school debate league that tries to bring speech activities to under-resourced schools. I also have been the head debate coach/teacher at the New School University. This fall I'll be leaving New York to attend graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh for my PhD in communications." (6/09)