Paris Foreign Study Program

The Afro/Black Paris FSP is a biennial program.  The next offering is Summer 2023.

Program Overview


About the Program

"The Afro/Black FSP was a life-changing experience that allowed me to learn about French history and cultures both in and outside of the classroom. I have not experienced anything like it thus far. The trip to the Dordogne region in France to see Josephine Baker's Chateau and fieldtrips to other regions were amazing and also instructive. Art was a vital part of our program and being surrounded by the arts also provided me with an opportunity to perform my poetry at a jazz club through the Jazz/Spoken World workshop and to have a portrait made of me by a well-known artists whose work focuses on the experiences of people of African descent. The Afro/Black Paris FSP was without a doubt a rewarding experience that I highly recommend to others."  Antonette Davids, Dartmouth '20

"Professor Keaton kept her promise when she said it would be an unforgettable experience. I gained so many adaptable life-lessons and academic skills. Choosing to go on this FSP during my freshman summer was hands down one of my best decisions at Dartmouth thus far.  A great deal of my growth, both personally and as an aspiring academic, is thanks to this FSP."  Nai-ah Dixon, Dartmouth '21


The Department of African and African American Studies (AAAS) offers an FSP in Paris, France, entitled Afro/Black Paris: The African Diaspora in the City of Light. This FSP takes students on a journey not to an actual place per se in France, but rather through a lived experience in one of the most extraordinary destinations in the world. Nowhere to the same degree has a European city been so enriched and transformed by Africans and their descendants, including African Americans. Comprised of two courses taught in English and one French language course for beginners, this FSP offers a unique opportunity to explore "another Paris," an adventure described by former students as "life-altering!"

Check out "Afro Black Paris FSP," a short film by Kalia Hunter '21, and also "African Americans in France" to learn about the Afro/Black Paris experience. 

Professor Trica Keaton, Dartmouth College, is the Founder and Faculty Director. 


Preference will be given to students who have taken at least one course in AAAS and with Professor Keaton. Priority will also be given to students who are interested in learning not only about Afro/Black Paris, but also, about Paris and France more broadly. 



FRE 004: Afro/Black Paris through Language (students with advanced French langauge will enroll in AAAS 89 Readings in African and African American Studies, an independent study course) 

AAAS 68.10 Afro/Black Paris: Past, Present, and Future 

AAAS 68.20 Decolonizing the French Museum: The Memory and Legacies of Black Enslavement 

Student Life & Financial Information

Please visit the Guarini Insitute for International Education website for details on student life and financial information.