Dartmouth Libraries Launch Dartmouth & Slavery Project Website

This website is the culmination of nearly a decade of teaching and research that began with Professor Deborah King's course, "Lest We Forget: History, Collective Memory, and Slavery at Dartmouth," first taught in 2014.

The Dartmouth and Slavery Project is an ongoing collaboration between Professor Deborah King and Dartmouth Libraries' College Archivist and Records Manager Peter Carini. Following their supervision of a student-curated exhibition titled "The Ties That Bind" in 2019, the two recognized the imperative of deeply exploring Dartmouth's ties to slavery, the slave trade, colonization, and abolition.

From inception, the Project's objective was to critically interrogate a public memory that celebrates the pine forests and mills dotting Dartmouth's New England landscape while erasing any connection to the transatlantic slave trade.

Dean of Libraries Susanne Mehrer shared, "The "Dartmouth and Slavery Project" contributes new knowledge and in-depth research to expand our understanding of Dartmouth's complex history and its founders. Through this Project, we will continue to open avenues for deeper research, elevate scholarship, and engage the Dartmouth community in dialogue about the institution and history of enslavement in this region."