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  • "I received a master's degree in African American studies from Columbia University in 2001, and I'm currently pursuing my PhD in history at Rutgers-New Brunswick, focusing on African American history, as well as Native American and US (colonial and nineteenth-century)." (7/08)

  • "I graduated from Dartmouth in 2000 and then spent two years working as a college advisor in Boston Public Schools helping high school seniors navigate the college application process. Then I went to medical school (Dartmouth-Brown joint program) and graduated in 2006. I am currently doing my residency in Radiation Oncology at Tufts/Brown." (7/08)

  • "After I graduated from Dartmouth in 2003, I moved to New York City as a Teach for America corps member. I taught English as a Second Language to sixth graders at I.S. 218 in Washington Heights for two years and earned a Master's Degree in Education from Fordham University during my nights and summers. I left for New York for the University of Chicago Law School in 2005, and graduated from there this past June. I am now back in NYC, and I am going to begin work for Latham & Watkins, a...

  • "The beauty of Dartmouth and a liberal arts education is that you can truly pursue whatever you desire, regardless of your major.  After college, I worked for a year, then attended the University of Illinois College of Law, graduating in 2002.  I initially worked for a law firm in Columbus, OH and Washington, DC, but now I am an attorney with the Department of Justice in its Civil Division." (7/08)