Ernesto Mercado-Montero

|Research Associate of History
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  • Mellon Faculty Fellow

  • Assistant Professor of History

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Ernesto Mercado-Montero is a Mellon Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of History. He is a historian of the African diaspora in the Atlantic World with an emphasis on the Caribbean basin. Currently, he is working on a book manuscript that offers a revisionist history of Antillean geopolitics in the period between the Spanish conquest of Puerto Rico in the 1510s and the French Revolutionary Wars in the 1790s. This project illuminates how the autonomous Carib Indian society influenced the development of the early-modern Antilles to the same extent as Spain, England, Holland, and France. The Caribs were an Afro-Indigenous group of formidable seafarers, warriors, and diplomats who evolved into independent slave traders, smugglers, and prolific planters, fully integrating themselves into the Atlantic World’s politics and economy. By centering the history of the Caribbean on the Carib society, Professor Mercado-Montero demonstrates the significance of Black Indigenous people in the geopolitical configuration of plantation societies in the Antilles.

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  • B.A. Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
  • M.A. The State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Ph. D. The University of Texas at Austin