Clifford C. Campbell


Clifford C. Campbell is a scholar of Africa and African Diaspora with a specialization in the historical interaction between the Caribbean and West Africa. He holds a PhD in African History from the University of Ghana. His research and teaching interests are primarily in 19th and 20th century Africa and African diaspora history with an emphasis on West African history, Ghana, women in Africa. His research explores the phenomenon of the "reverse diaspora,' which examines how the African Diaspora in the Caribbean has influenced West Africa, and more importantly, how it fits into our understanding of transnationalism in the global history of the twentieth century. His book, The Ghana Reader: History, Culture, Politics from Duke University Press, explores and presents Ghanaian history, culture, and politics in an accessible way to students, academics, business travellers, and tourists alike. Clifford is currently working on an article that explores the nexus between biomedicine and British hegemonic designs in the Gold coast between 1863 and 1914. He is also preparing a book manuscript that examines the Caribbean's influence on Ghana. His next major project critically examines Rastafari within the context of the global struggle for black freedom. Clifford has taught courses in African history, the African diaspora, African American history and the Caribbean.

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Choate House
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Ph.D., University of Ghana