AAAS@50: Black Studies in the Age of Black Lives Matter

The African and African American Studies Program will celebrate its 50th anniversary by hosting a roundtable with AAAS alumni and current students.


                                              October 15, 2020

                                              6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

AAAS@50 will commemorate the rich history and current urgency of Black Studies at Dartmouth. Our program, like many across the nation, owes its existence to the relentless marches and protests of the Civil Rights Movement, including the work of John Lewis and his fellow student-activists. The roundtable will therefore give tribute to the legacy of Congressman John Lewis. Panelists include Black Dartmouth alums who were campus activist/leaders in the 1960s and who directly participated in arguments, discussions, and plans to put Black Studies in place at the College; former Dartmouth Professor Judith Byfield '80; Professor Frank B. Wilderson '78; and AAAS seniors/Digital Humanities and Social Engagement Fellows, Marina Cepeda, Daniella Omeruo, and Carlos Polanco.



Robert Bennett '69, Lawyer, Consultant

Judith Byfield '80, Professor of History, Cornell University

Ronald Talley '69, Professor, Industrial Electronics Technology, Tri-County Technical College

Frank Wilderson '78, Professor of African American Studies, UC, Irvine, Writer, Dramatist, Filmmaker


Panel I: Origins  -  The Fight for Black Studies at Dartmouth

Moderated by:

     Professor Michael Chaney, English & AAAS and

     Professor Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch, History & AAAS


Panel II: Urgencies  -  Black Studies in the Age of Black Lives Matter

Moderated by Digital Humanities and Social Engagement Fellows:

     Marina Cepeda '21, Daniella Omeruo '21 and Carlos Polanco '21


Panel III: Legacies  -  The Legacy of John Lewis and Black Studies

Moderated by:

     Professor Vaughn Booker '07, AAAS & Religion

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Sponsored by African and African American Studies, Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association, The Dickey Center, The Ethics Institute, The Leslie Center, and Digital Humanities and Social Engagement.