Alumni Story: Antonio V. Brown '13

After graduating from Dartmouth with the class of 2013, I began working with the SEAD, stepping into their new College Pathway Coordinator role. As my first full-time position, it was a great opportunity to build the foundation for us to meet the students' needs around college access and success. Seven years of Hanover, however will make you restless. I decided to move back to my hometown of Harlem, NYC as a college and career advisor for KIPP NYC charter school network. After a year of working with KIPP, I was feeling dissatisfied with the cultural competency and social justice mindset of the organization so I began searching for something more particular.

Clearly, no one decides to become a non-profit educator for the money, so integrity and fulfillment are extremely important in choosing where to put my talents to use. Last November, I moved to San Francisco, CA to work for Summer Search, a national non-profit as the leader of its Males of Color Initiative. My AAAS degree, along with my experience, has been invaluable to me in this work. The interdisciplinary framework, critical lens and deep content knowledge, which were honed by this program, are all skills I put to use daily in my position. Eternally thankful for the professors and peers that I found through this program, who challenged and cherished me while at Dartmouth.