Selected Publications

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Vaughn A. Booker

“Performing, Representing, and Archiving Belief: Religious Expressions among Jazz Musicians,” Religions 7 (8), 108 (2016): available

“‘An Authentic Record of My Race’: Exploring the Popular Narratives of African American Religion in the Music of Duke Ellington,” Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation 25.1 (2015): 1-36.

Review of Lerone A. Martin, Preaching on Wax: The Phonograph and the Shaping of Modern African American Religion (NYU, 2014) for Journal of Religion and Culture 25 (2015): 111-115, available

“Civil Rights Religion? Rethinking 1950s and 1960s Political Activism for African American Religious History,” Journal of Africana Religions 2.2 (2014): 211-243.

“Abraham Joshua Heschel,” “Mordecai Wyatt Johnson,” “George Dennis Sale Kelsey,” and “Benjamin Elijah Mays,” in The Martin Luther King, Jr., Encyclopedia, ed. Clayborne Carson, et al. (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2007).


Michael A. Chaney

“Autobiographical Graphic ‘Novels’ of Childhood.” Forthcoming in Auto/Biography Studies “What’s Next” Special Issue 32.2 (2017).

“Will Eisner and the Making of A Contract with God.” Forthcoming in Cambridge History of the Graphic Novel, eds. Stephen Tabachnick, Jan Baetens, and Hugo Frey. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.

“Why Call Them Graphic Novels If They’re True? Classifying Fun Home’s Mirrors.” Forthcoming in Approaches to Teaching Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, ed., Judith Gardiner. New York: MLA Press, 2017.

“Depicting African American Life in Graphics and Visual Cultures.” Forthcoming in A History of African American Autobiography, ed., Joycelyn Moody. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.

“Anarchic Strains in the Comics of Ronald Wimberly and Keith Knight.” Forthcoming in SubStance: Special Issue on Comics and Anarchy (Summer 2017).

“The Saga of the Animal as Visual Metaphor for Mixed-Race Identity in Comics.” Forthcoming in Animal Comics: Multispecies Storyworlds in Graphic Narratives, ed., David Herman. New York: Bloomsbury, 2017.

“On the Nature of the Boundary in Comics Memoir: The Case of March.” In Comics an der Grenze: Sub/Versionen von Form und Inhalt, eds. Matthias Harbeck, Linda-Rabea Heyden, and Marie Schröer. Berlin: Bachmann, 2016. 31-40.

Signifying Marks and The ‘Not Counted’ Inscriptions of Dave the Potter.” Arizona Quarterly 72.4 (Winter 2016): 1-25.

Digression, Slavery, and Failing to Return in The Narrative of the Sufferings of Lewis Clarke.Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 39.4 (Fall 2016): 511-534.

"Horror Movies With Mom." Prairie Schooner (Fall 2016): 101-110.

The Cartoonal Slave.” In The Psychic Hold of Slavery: Legacies in American Culture, eds. Soyica Colbert, Robert Patterson, and Aida Hussen. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2016. 168-94.

"Dave the Potter and the Churn of Time." Michigan Quarterly Review (Winter 2014): 1-6.

Keeping Pictures, Keeping House: Harriet and Louisa Jacobs, Fanny Fern, and the Unverifiable History of Seeing the Mulatta.” ESQ 59.2 (2013): 263-290.

“Slave Memory Without Words in Kyle Baker’s Nat Turner.” Callaloo 36.2 (2013): 279-297.

“Not Just a Theme: Transnationalism and Form in Visual Narratives of US Slavery.” In Comics at the Crossroads: Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives, eds. Christina Meyer, Shane Denson, and Daniel Stein: New York: Bloomsbury, 2013. 15-32.

“Mulatta Obscura: Camera Tactics and Linda Brent.” In Pictures and Progress, eds. Maurice O. Wallace and Shawn Michelle Smith. Durham: Duke University Press, 2012. 109-31. 

“The Concatenate Poetics of Slavery and the Articulate Material of Dave the Potter.” African American Review 44.4 (2011): 607-18.

“Animal Subjects of the Graphic Novel.” College Literature 38.3 (2011): 129-149. 

"E.E. Cummings's Tom: A Ballet and Uncle Tom's Doll-Dance of Modernism." Journal of Modern Literature 34:2 (2011) 22-44.

“Terrors of the Mirror and the Mise en Abyme of Graphic Novel Autobiography,” College Literature 38:3 (2011) 21-44.

“‘Heartfelt Thanks to Punch for the Picture’: Frederick Douglass and the Transnational Jokework of Slave Caricature,” American Literature 82:1 (2010) 57-90.

“Is There an African American Graphic Novel?” In Approaches to Teaching the Graphic Novel, ed. Stephen Tabachnick. New York: Modern Languages Association Press, 2009. 69-75.

“Drawing on History in Recent African American Graphic Novels,” MELUS: The Journal of the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States 32:3 (2007) 175-200.

“International Contexts of the Negro Renaissance.” In Cambridge Companion to the Harlem Renaissance, ed. George Hutchinson. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. 41-54.

“The Gothic Aesthetics of Eminem” (co-authored with Jason Lindquist). Gothic Studies 9.1 (2007): 57-68.

“Coloring Whiteness and Blackvoice Minstrelsy: Representations of Race and Place in Static Shock, King of the Hill, and South Park.” Journal of Popular Film & Television 31.4 (2004): 167-75.

“Slave Cyborgs and the Black Infovirus: Ishmael Reed’s Cybernetic Aesthetics,” Modern Fiction Studies 49:2 (2003) 261-283.

Traveling Harlem’s Europe: Vagabondage from Slave Narratives to Gwendolyn Bennett’s ‘Wedding Day’ and Claude McKay’s Banjo.” Journal of Narrative Theory 32.1 (2002): 52-76.

Touring the Spectacle of Slavery at Magnolia Gardens Plantation.” Southern Quarterly 11.4 (2002): 126-40.

Picturing the Mother, Claiming Egypt: My Bondage and My Freedom as Auto(bio)ethnography.” African American Review 35.3 (2001): 391-408.

“The Dismantling Evolution of Heroes: Aquaman’s Amputation.” International Journal of Comic Art 1.2 (1999): 55-65.

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Ayo A. Coly

The Pull of Postcolonial Nationhood: Gender, Migration, and the Claims of Postcolonial Nationhood in Francophone African Literatures. (Lexington Books, 2010)

Homophobic Africa?, editor; special issue of African Studies Review, special issue 56.2 (2013)


“Carmen Goes Postcolonial, Carmen Goes Queer: Thinking the Postcolonial as Queer.” Culture, Theory and Critique. 2015


“Un/Clothing African Womanhood: Colonial Statements and Postcolonial Discourses of the African Female Body." The Journal of Contemporary African Studies 33.1 (2015): 12-26. 

"Afropean Masculinities as Bricolage.” Francophone Afropean Literatures. Eds Nicki Hitchcott and Dominic Thomas. Liverpool: University of Liverpool Press, 2014. 155-170.

"Homophobic Africa?” African Studies Review 56.2 (2013): 21-32.

“A Pedagogy of the Black Female Body: Angèle Essamba's Black Female Nudes.” Third Text 24.6 (2010): 653-664.

 “Housing and Homing the Black Female Body in France: Calixthe Beyala and the Legacy of Sarah Baartman and Josephine Baker.” Black Womanhood: Icons, Images and Ideologies of the African Body. University of Washington Press, 2008.  259-278.

The Cultures and Letters of the Black Diaspora, editor with Ivy G. Wilson; special issue of Callaoo 30.2 (2007)

 “Black is the Color of the Cosmos or Callaloo and The Cultures of the Diaspora Now,”  with Ivy G. Wilson;  Callaloo 30.2 (2007): 415-419

“Male Wives, Female Husbands: Immigration, Gender and Home.” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature 32.3-4 (2005): 325-342.

“Court Poet and Wild Child: Two Readings of Calixthe Beyala’s Les Honneurs perdus Nottingham French Studies 43.3 (2004): 15-27.

“Neither Here Nor There: Calixthe Beyala’s Collapsing Homes.” Research in African Literatures 33.2 (2002): 34-45.


 “Autobiography or Autojustification: Re-reading Bugul’s Le baobab fou.” The Literary Griot 11.2 (1999): 56-69.

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Laura Edmondson

Forged in Fire by Okello Kelo Sam, Laura Edmondson, and Robert Ajwang.  Voorhees Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. 2015.

“Uganda Is Too Sexy: Reflections on Kony 2012.” TDR 56.3 (Fall 2012). 10-17.

Forged in Fire (play). By Okello Kelo Sam, Laura Edmondson, and Robert Ajwang. Excerpted in Refugee Performance: Practical Encounters. Ed. Michael Balfour. Bristol, UK and Chicago: Intellect Books and the University of Chicago Press, 2012. 61-66.

Eat Like a Bird (play). In Cultural Conversations: Works in Progress, Writers in the Making, ed. Susan B. Russell (Lemont, PA: Eifrig Publishing, 2011), 91-132. 

"Confessions of a Failed Theatre Activist: Intercultural Encounters in Uganda and Rwanda." In Avant-Garde Performance and Material Exchange: Vectors of the Radical, edited by Mike Sell.  Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. 41-59.

“Genocide Unbound: Erik Ehn, Rwanda, and an Aesthetics of Discomfort,” Theatre Journal, 61:1 (March 2009): 65-83.

Review essay: "Performing Africa."  African Affairs 109 (2009): 151-160.

“The Poetics of Displacement and the Politics of Genocide in Three Plays about Rwanda,” in Violence Performed: Local Roots and Global Routes of Conflict, edited by Patrick Anderson and Jisha Menon.  Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.  54-78.

Performance and Politics in Tanzania: The Nation on Stage, Indiana University Press, 2007.

“Of Sugarcoating and Hope,” TDR, 51:2 (May 2007): 7-10.

“Marketing Trauma and the Theatre of War in Northern Uganda,” Theatre Journal, 57:3 (2005): 451-474.

“Love in the Time of Dissertations: An Ethnographic Tale,” with R O Ajwang, Qualitative Inquiry, 9:3 (June 2003): 466-480.

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Susanne Freidberg

Susanne Freidberg

2016 "Wicked nutrition: The controversial greening of official dietary advice." Gastronomica, 16, 2, 69-80

2014 "It's complicated: Corporate sustainability and the uneasiness of life cycle assessment," Science as Culture, 10.1080/09505431.2014.942622.

2014 "Footprint technopolitics," Geoforum, 55, 178-189. 

2013. "Calculating sustainability in supply chain capitalism." Economy and Society, 42, 571-96.

2010 "Freshness from afar: the colonial roots of contemporary fresh foods," Food and History, 8, 1, 257-278.

2010 "Perspective and power in the ethical foodscape," Environment & Planning A, 42, 8, 1868-74.

2010 "Ambiguous appetites: a modern history," Food, Society and Culture, 13, 4, 471-91.

2009  Fresh: A Perishable History, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.

2008 "The triumph of the egg," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 50, 2, 400-23.

2007 "Supermarkets and imperial knowledge," Cultural Geographies, 14, 3, 321-42.

2004 French Beans and Food Scares: Culture and Commerce in an Anxious Age, Oxford.

2004 "The ethical complex of corporate food power." Society and Space, 22, 4, 513-31.

2003 "Cleaning up down South: supermarkets, ethical trade, and African horticulture," Social and Cultural Geography 4, 1, 27-43.

2001 "On the trail of the global green bean: methodological considerations in multi-site ethnography," Global Networks 1, 4, 353-68.

2001 "Gardening on the edge: The social conditions of unsustainability on an African urban periphery," Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 91, 2, 349-69.

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Garrison, Alysia

Alysia Garrison

“Agamben’s Grammar of the Secret Under the Sign of the Law,” Law and Critique 20.3 (2009): 281-297. 

“Faintly Struggling Things: Inscrutable Life in Beckett’s The Unnamable.” Samuel Beckett: History, Memory, Archive. Ed. Séan Kennedy and Katherine Weiss. New York: Palgrave, 2009. 89-111.

“‘Disdaining Bounds of Place and Time’: John Clare’s Nomadic Poetics.” Blackwell Literature Compass 3.3 (2006): 376-387.

“Hegel,” “Kojève,” “History,” “Common,” and “Derrida,” The Agamben Dictionary. Ed. Alex Murray and Jessica Whyte. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2011.

"James Williams," The Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography. Ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Franklin W. Knight. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

"Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel," Agamben's Philosophical Lineage.  Ed. Adam Kotsko and Carlo Salzani.  Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming 2017.

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Reena N. Goldthree

“‘A Greater Enterprise Than the Panama Canal’: Migrant Labor and Military Recruitment in the World War I-Era Circum-Caribbean,” Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas, Special Issue: Labor and Empire in the Americas, Vol. 13, no. 3-4 (2016): 57-82.

“‘Vive La France!’: Afro-Caribbean Soldiers and Interracial Intimacies on the Western Front, 1915-19,” Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 7, no. 3 (2016),

"#BlackLivesMatter and Feminist Pedagogy: Teaching a Movement Unfolding," Radical Teacher 101 (2016): 20-28 (with Aimee Bahng).

"Writing War and Empire: Poetry, Patriotism, and Public Claims-Making in the British Caribbean," in Caribbean Military Encounters, ed. Shalini Puri and Lara Putnam (New York: Palgrave MacMillian), forthcoming February 2017.

“Errol Gaston Hill,” in The Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography, ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Franklin K. Knight (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016).

Review of The Empire Abroad and the Empire at Home: African American Literature and the Era of Overseas Expansion by John Cullen Gruesser, Journal of African American History, Vol. 101, nos. 1-2 (2016): 185-187.

Review of The Last Caribbean Frontier, 1795-1815  by Kit Candlin, Hispanic American Historical Review, Vol. 95, no. 2 (2015): 358-359.

Review of Comparative Perspectives on Afro-Latin America by Kwame Dixon and John Burdick, PALARA, The Publication of the Afro-Latin American Research Association (2012): 90-94

“Amy Jacques Garvey, Theodore Bilbo, and the Paradoxes of Black Nationalism,” in Global Circuits of Blackness: Interrogating the African Diaspora , J. M. Rahier, P. C. Hintzen, and F. Smith, eds. (University of Illinois Press, 2010): 152-73.

“Women and Protest in the Anglophone Caribbean,” in The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest: 1500 to the Present, Immanuel Ness, ed., (2009): 3558–60.

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Rashauna Johnson

Slavery's Metropolis: Unfree Labor in New Orleans during the Age of Revolutions (Cambridge, 2016)

"From Saint-Domingue to Dumaine Street: One Family's Journeys from the Haitian Revolution to the Great Migration," Journal of African American History, forthcoming (Fall 2017).

"A Fragile Empire? Early American Expansion from Below," Reviews in American History 44, no. 3 (September 2016): 411-17.

Co-author, “Prisons and Teaching, From Margins to Center,” Progressive Planning no. 205 (Fall 2015): 33-36.

“Visibility Versus Voice: Enslaved Women in U.S. History and Memory,” Reviews in American History 41, no. 2 (June 2013): 238-245.

“‘Laissez les bons temps rouler!’ and Other Concealments: Households, Taverns, and Irregular Intimacies in Antebellum New Orleans.” In Interconnections: Gender and Race in American History, edited by Alison M. Parker and Carol Faulkner, 19-50. Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2012.

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Deborah K. King

Deborah Karyn King

“Mapping Our Past, Surveying Our Future: Thinking About African American Women’s Lives,” GenderandSociety , (September 1992) 512-515.

“Missing the Beat, Unraveling the Threads: Class and Gender in Afro-American Social Issues,” The Black Scholar , 22:3 (Summer 1992) 36-44.

“Black Women and Feminism,” “Double Jeopardy,” “Equal Rights Amendment,” and “Womanist,” The Women’s Studies Encyclopedia , H S Tierney, (ed.), 1 (1989) 42-44, 110-113, 121-124, and 389-390.

“The Women’s College,” in Women in Academe: Progress and Prospects , with P Palmieri, M K Chamberlain (ed.), (1989) 107-131.

“Multiple Jeopardy, Multiple Consciousness: The Context of Black Feminist Ideology,” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society , (Autumn 1988) 88-111.

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Abigail Neely

Abigail H. Neely

2015: "Internal Ecologies and the Limits of Local Biologies: A Political Ecology of Tuberculosis in the Time of AIDS," Abigail H. Neely. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 105, no. 4: 791-805.

2015: "Relationship and Research Methods: Entanglements, Intra-Action, and Diffraction," Abigail H. Neely and Thokozile Nguse. In Gavin Bridge, Tom Perreault, and James McCarthy, eds., Handbook of Political Ecology. Routledge: 140-9.

2014: "Triangulating Health: Toward a Political Ecology of Health," Paul Jackson and Abigail H. Neely. Progress in Human Geography, published online 31 March 2014.

2010: "'Blame it on the Weeds': Politics, Poverty, and Ecology in the New South Africa," Abigail H. Neely. Journal of Southern African Studies 36, no. 4: 869-887.

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Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch

The Politics of Chieftaincy: Authority and Property in Colonial Ghana, 1920-1950 (University of Rochester Press, Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora Series, 2014).

"Decolonization, Cold War Dynamics and Nation Building in Ghana-Asia-Relations: 1957-1966." Forth coming in The International Journal of African Historical Studies, 49 (2016).
“The Politics of Land and Urban Space in Colonial Accra,” History in Africa, 39 (2012): 293-329. 

Shalene A. M. Vásquez

Sam Vásquez

“In Her Own Image: Literary and Visual Representations of Selfhood in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John.” Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism, (Forthcoming).

“Triangular Voyages: Locating the Transnational Caribbean Woman in Paule Marshall’s ‘To Da-duh, in Memoriam.’” Special Issue Editor Jennifer Williams. Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism, (Forthcoming).

“Traveling Humor Reimagined: The Comedic Unhinging of the Western Gaze in Caribbean Postcards.” Reprinted in No Laughing Matter. Eds. David Bindman and Adrian Randolph. (Forthcoming, University Press of New England, 2014).

“Satire in the Black Americas: Transnational Problematizations in Chappelle’s Show and Ity and Fancy Cat.” Contemporary African American Satire. Eds. James J. Donahue and Derek Maus. (Forthcoming, University Press of Mississippi, 2013).

“Through the Caribbean Sea and Other Waters: Loretta Collins Klobah’s The Twelve Foot Neon Woman Enters a Woman Poet’s World.” Small Axe Salon, 4. (September 2012).

Humor in the Caribbean Literary Canon, New Caribbean Studies Series, Palgrave Macmillan, August 2012.

“Traveling Humour Reimagined: The Comedic Unhinging of the Western Gaze in Caribbean Postcards.” Caribbean Quarterly, 58.2-3. (June-September 2012).

“Violent Liaisons: Historical Crossings and the Negotiation of Sex and Sexuality in The Book of Night Women and The True History of Paradise. Small Axe, 38. (July 2012).

“Synaesthesia and the Refracted Ethnographic Gaze in Nellie Rosario’s Song of the Water Saints. Publication of the Afro-Latin American Research Association, 15 (October 2011).

“Slackness and a Mento Aesthetic: Louise Bennett’s Trickster Poetics and Jamaican Women’s Exploration of Sexuality.” Editor Ifeoma Nwankwo. Journal of West Indian Literature, 18.1. (November 2009).

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Keith L. Walker

Keith Louis Walker

Anténor Firmin, Aimé and Suzanne Césaire: In Search of Africa and Ourselves. In L’Esprit Créateur. Johns Hopkins University Press. Baltimore, MD.   HAÏTI PAR-DELÀ LES COMMÉMORATIONS/ HAITI BEYOND COMMEMORATIONS. Vol. 56, No. 1 (Spring 2016), pp. 129–144.

The Great Camouflage: Writings of Dissent (1941-1945) Suzanne Césaire. Keith L. Walker, introduction; Keith L. Walker, translation from the French. Wesleyan University Press (May 2012)​

"The Transformational and Enduring Vision of Aimé Césaire".  Publications of the Modern Language Association (PMLA), May 2010.  Vol. 123, no. 3, pp. 756-763.

Häiti postcoloniale et postmoderne: Le Nègre Crucifié de Gérard Étienne. Post-face essay (French) in new edition of Gérard Étienne, Le Nègre Crucifié, Port-au-Prince, Häiti, Presses Universitaires d"Häiti, Collection L'Intemporelle, 2008, pp. 169-192. / Montréal : Éditions du Marais, 2008.

ABCésaire, with Euzhan Palcy, bilingual French - KLW English translation, 128 p. In Aimé Césaire : une parole pour le 21s siécle / Aimé Césaire.  Euzhan Palcy, Project Director.  3 DVD compilation.  Paris : M. Milo, 2006.

"Le Discours antillais: in The Columbia HIstory of French Thought, L D Kritzman (ed.), (Dec. 2005), 185-187.

"Pero Vaz De Caminha: Para Fijar La Mirada En el Corazon De Tinieblas Del Nuevo Mundo, " Revista De Critica Literaria Latinoamericana, Aõo XXX, 60 (2nd semestre de 2004), 43-55.

"Immigritude or the Pitfalls of Haitian Exilic Experience:  The Cases of Gérard Étienne and Emile Ollivier," in Textualizing the Immigrant Experience in Contemporary Quebec, S. Ireland (ed.), (March 2004). 173-185.

"Not to Exist without Interpretation of Meaning: The Countermodernist Challenge of Sylvia Wynter," Journal of West Indian Literature, 10:1-2 (November 2001) 39-66.

Countermodernism and Francophone Literary Culture: The Game of Slipknot.  Duke University Press, 1999.

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