Deborah Karyn King

Associate Professor of Sociology

HB 6104
African and African American Studies
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
B.A. Northwestern University
M.A. Yale University
M. Phil. Yale University
Ph.D. Yale University

Selected Publications

“Mapping Our Past, Surveying Our Future: Thinking About African American Women’s Lives,” GenderandSociety , (September 1992) 512-515.

“Missing the Beat, Unraveling the Threads: Class and Gender in Afro-American Social Issues,” The Black Scholar , 22:3 (Summer 1992) 36-44.

“Black Women and Feminism,” “Double Jeopardy,” “Equal Rights Amendment,” and “Womanist,” The Women’s Studies Encyclopedia , H S Tierney, (ed.), 1 (1989) 42-44, 110-113, 121-124, and 389-390.

“The Women’s College,” in Women in Academe: Progress and Prospects , with P Palmieri, M K Chamberlain (ed.), (1989) 107-131.

“Multiple Jeopardy, Multiple Consciousness: The Context of Black Feminist Ideology,” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society , (Autumn 1988) 88-111.

Works in Progress

“‘Wish You Were Here’: Representing Prison on Picture Postcards, 1900-1950”

Improvisational Politics, Race, Class and Gender and the Political Aesthetics of Black Womanhood